Steam gamers?

If any of you have a steam account hit me up, I’m pretty open to different genres.

:- smoothmackdaddywithcheese

Radiator corsair performance series (SP120) edition fans, for front tower of case it sounds like a jet once it starts spinning at maxed out 2450RPM

I did the old switcharoo with my processor, I’ve had some problems with booting bios and POSTING for the first time, but she’s gonna fly tonight.


And Chris Pratt also plays the voice of Emmet. [notagreatname]


Bill Murray as Hunter S Thompson in Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)

2pac got shot and I’m pure white trash.

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time to go back into first grade with this gold classic.

Dat intro

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everytime that snare pops I bust a nut.

Josh freese APC > Nine inch nails

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