It’s that guy cooller every one likes.

Good friend, Renee. I greatly appreciate this photo.

Body building

My body building break has ended, with a 2/12 month spand of adding fats, carb overloads, and gainers to my early season of religious eating.

Hard work beats anything, nobody owes you a god damn thing. If you want it, work for it.

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1970 Chevrolet C10 Custom Stepside Pickup

Oh I want it so bad


Might be old and rusty on blocks but still better than a ford


when I can’t find any bud

xoxomc05 asked:
Going to any games this year??

I’m going to the Des Moines buccaneers games all season this year, and I’m hoping to catch some aggressive Chicago stars games. I’ve never been too much of a “hardcore” fan but lately they have impressed me greatly, how about you?? Which city are you reigning?

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I’ve Gained 28 LBS in a month.

I’m doing the rob mchelleney challenge, which is 8-10K callories a day.

my doctor said I should quit it or I’ll have a heart attack. LOL


Yeah, I’m not impressed. 

Des moines, Iowa isn’t hockey friendly.

Do i need to say anything else? 

Valley is worried about academics in football and MASSIVE ARENA’s, Instead of peewee hockey and adult hockey leagues. 

Im gonna piss on yo face, and then fart in yo mouth. AND THEN SHIT ON THESE WALLS RAY!

I found my new ringtone

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